Posted : Apr 18, 16

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Metallic color sealant, Speed reduction and power enhancement, Shaving of metal and cost/Apr. 12 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

The cross-industry meeting in the MOBIO Tech Hall is filled with topics. Three exhibitors explained their state-of-the-art technologies on April 12.

Participants asked many questions to speakers, such as "Does it mean ...?", "So do you think ...".

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●New products for construction market

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1)The first launch in the industry! The metallic color sealant is suitable for aluminum plate sealing, Denatured metallic M, and is usable to overcoat sheet metal repairing.
2)Peel off when the paste thickened! The new gel type paste is good to post papers on the concrete wall where rivets are improper, that is distributed through online sale channel.
3)Luminous in the darkness: A selant is formed of a resin material containing luminous phosphor in a synthetic resin.

●Shave metals, cut operation hour, reduce production cost

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SOLID TOOL CO., LTD. (More info.)

1)One carbide tool works as five tools

Formed (stepped) carbide tools can precisely finish holes in 2 to 10 steps. One formed tool can perform H7 (JIS standard) finishing, replacing combined works using several different tools, and reducing the number of processing steps and production lead time, exclusively by each users.

2)Finishing multi-stage holes

Using an integrated, multi-step burnishing reamer designed to match the shape of the work piece can serveseveral functions at the same time, solving the problem of concentricity or coaxiality and reducing total work time.

●Speed reduction to transmit increased power

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MAKISHINKO CO.,LTD. (More info.)

1)The warm reduction gear market leader in Japan! It offers a wide product line including 1M tall size, applicable models for multistage parking system, moving a stage curtain and a lighting apparatus at a stage setting and etc.

The latest introduction is a aluminum body series, whose weight is lighter by 45 percent for easier installation to machinery. Moreover its surface area is increased by 200 percent to increase heat radiation drastically.

2)Its jack line is well-known to offer variation of product range in the industry. The large type lift the vessel at the ship yard and some models are equipped in the stage setting. The displayed jack in the Tech Hall is capable to lift 500 kgs.

<Off the Tech Hall>

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Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely. In May MOBIO goes out the Tech. Hall and holds the Meeting in the town hall at Settsu city in Osaka. Hand-on communication among companies is to be delivered by speakers from Settsu city and MOBIO.

Date: May 12 (Thu) PM 6:30 - PM 8:30

Location: Settsu city, Osaka

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