Posted : Feb 04, 17

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Feb. 2 MOBIO Cafe Meeting / 8 companies from "Kansai New Selection 2017" exhibition

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MOBIO started "Kansai New Selection 2017" exhibition in the MOBIO Tech Hall. Eight exhibitors explained their technologies and products on February 2.

●TOKO CORPORATION / Pent roof ventirator

P1100665.JPG P1100657.JPG

Improved ventilation performance by 150%

●Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd. / STP Servo Cylinder

P1100669.JPG P1100673.JPG

Reduced power consumption to 1/30 at lowest

●YAMADA GIKEN CO., LTD. / Hydroelectric generated outdoor lamp

P1100676.JPG P1100731.JPG

Generation by creek stream

●SHINYEI Technology Co.,LTD. / TDLAS Moisture Analyzers

P1100679.JPG P1100683.JPG

World leading resnponce speed to measure moisuture

●A &S SYSTEM Co,. LTD. / Rust proof bolt cover

P1100692.JPG P1100730.JPG

Add-on type corrosion protection cover

●YUTAKA CO., LTD. / Image inspection machine

P1100697.JPG P1100698.JPG

Whole circumference inspection of screws by one camera

●ASAHI PRECISION.CO.LTD. / Low Reflection blackening electroless plating

P1100703.JPG P1100732.JPG

No chrome content plating

●Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd. / Washable Silk

P1100712.JPG P1100717.JPG

Developed silk fibers molecule improvement


"We are MOBIOs!" MOBIO assits SMEs for new tech development in 2017 as well.



Coming up the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting on March 1. Drop by MOBIO to meet companies from Okayama.

Date: March 1 (Wed) 17:00 though 20:30

Read details from here.