Posted : Sep 12, 19

Category : Event

【Interesting Movie!】Water proofing foam, heat-resistant springs,fully threaded bars / MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Sep. 5

View some of technological explanation by exhibitors.

1) 'Foam' at every shape for construction to package cushioning purposes: JOUNAN CO., LTD.

Water proofing foam for exterior wall, plastic packaging foam

2) An integrated manufacturer of springs from configuration to surface hardening: FUSEHATSU KOGYO CO., LTD.

Beauty salon chair spring, heat-resistant springs

3) Versatile production of fully threaded/flush cut bars in Japan and Vietnam: NAKAUMI INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

Japan quality fully threaded bars is useful at construction site. Simply cut at required length


Coming up on October 3 next time. Read details

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