Posted : Jul 28, 22

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Lightweight, long-lasting, easy to handle! YASHIMA DENGYO develops battery packs suited to the application

MOBIO Cafe Meeting, a cross-industrial meeting held with all possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 infection, including masks, hand disinfection and sufficient ventilation.
On July 25, three exhibitors explained their technologies with samples in hand. After the presentations, business cards were exchanged and individual discussions were held in front of the booths.



The number of devices and equipment used outdoors continues to increase and the optimum pack battery packs are essential. YASHIMA has been developing products by taking care of various requests from the market. Various small and lightweight battery packs with leading comfort features have been developed.
 ●Electric reels for fishing
 ●Air-conditioned clothing for hot weather
 ●Cell sheet transport boxes (for medical use)
 ●Drones for spraying pesticides


Watch the video for details and visit the company's booth at the MOBIO Tech Hall.


The next session will feature three manufacturers of instruments to solve adhesion issues, WEB site design

and etc. This is an opportunity for those who have never visited MOBIO to learn about the skills of Osaka SMEs in an easy-to-understand and fun way. Let's have an exciting time!

 Date: August 23 (Tue) PM 6:00 - PM 7:00

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Please visit the MOBIO Tech Hall to see the latest technologies of new exhibitors.

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