Posted : May 30, 24

Category : Company

No need for painting, and power consumption/CO2 emissions are reduced! FU-SE VACUUM FORMING showcased its techs at Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza

The exhibitors at MOBIO Tech Hall developed many amazing parts. In order to introduce its state-of-the-art technology to more visitors, at the Osaka ATC Green Eco-Plaza, FU-SE VACUUM FORMING showcased its ability to coat (decorate and attach) films to uneven 3D shapes This technique is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly manufacturing method. (TOM method),


It features 3D surface decorative molding as an alternative to painting and plating.

*Used for automobile exteriors ➡Electricity consumption: 1/3, CO2 emissions: 2/3

*Used for waterproofing of PCBs ➡Non-integrated with resin so that parts can be taken out and disposed of separately ➡Named "Eco Sepa".

For a detailed explanation , watch this video.