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Product line

Design and development of jigs and fixtures for various machines such as gear processing machines

Design and development of obsolete parts and jigs for processing

Design and development of various industrial machines


Isamu Takai

Description of business

FUJI TECHNO SOLUTIONS provides engineering services that meet the needs of consignment, from conceptual design to detailed design and parts drawing development.
With half a century of mechanical design expertise and an extensive design software, FUJI focuses on the design and development of "machining jigs" used in gear processing machines that help improve QCD at the factory. In order to accommodate high-mix, small-lot production, FUJI strives to efficiently combine each jig and design them in consideration of operability and safety.

Products and Technologies

Optimal jigs made with the latest technology by studying actual needs of manufacturing site

FUJI designs and develops jigs to help improve QCD.

Conventional jigs to jigs for new workpieces

・To shorten the processing time of workpieces
・To improve machining accuracy
・To uniform processing quality
・To make it easy to change jigs for high-mix low-volume production

FUJI designers will listen to such requests directly at the manufacturing site and design and develop new jigs.

The image shows an example. Dimensions of conventional jigs has been modified by FUJI designers combining them efficiently, fitting for a high-mix low-volume production and replacing effectively, safely and easily.

Jig for installation (sample)

●To assist company's manufacturing capacity reform by developing more convenient jigs!

・To develop and manufacture parts for short-term start-up
・To make high-mix, low-volume production more efficient
・To improve process and quality
・To reduce the stress of manufacturing staff and save labor

FUJI designers visit and study requests from manufacturing site to design and develop jigs with greater consideration for operability and safety.

Solution provider of jig problems!

Don't hesitate to contact the "Jig Help Center" for any assistance!

Drawing from the actual item

・Existing jigs are old and worn out and a machine manufacturer has discontinued its supply
・The delivery from the machine manufacturer takes a long time
・A customer has requested the production of a workpiece with the same shape but different dimensions. Then the jig needs to be improved immediately

In such cases, leave it to FUJI!
The designers tour the operation site, use the actual product without drawings, traces its appearance, measures it with a tern or caliper, makes a sketch, and then make a drawing by adding necessary arrangements.
It's FUJI to provide the most suitable jig in a short period of time after making a design proposal.

Accumulated technology of mechanical design development and product analysis

Providing satisfaction with design expertise and use of a wide variety of design software

Structural Analysis

FUJI provides services to meet the needs of customers from conceptual design to detailed design and parts drawing development. It offers the best support by building a long-term business relationship, understanding the customer's product features, the development environment and individual rules behind them.
FUJI is also capable to advise on setting up and evaluating conditions that meet analysis objectives, and advises on suitable application based on analysis results.

FUJI provides a variety of services for "manufacturing support" by utilizing its technology and experience in many manufacturing industries.
During "design transition" it serves support for QCD improvement through various considerations, verification work, problem solving, new environment construction, promotion of utilization and operation.

In addition to that, CAD training is available at FUJI.

Corporate Profile

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Prime Hommachi Bldg. 5F, 1-4-2, Utsubo Hommachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka city, Osaka, 550-0004, Japan
Isamu Takai
Founded / Established
1976 / 1976
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81,865,000 yen
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ISO9001、 ISO/IEC27001