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Product line

Forming of plastic products

Vacuum forming, pressure forming, film insert molding

Screen printing, R&D support for materials


Yuichiro Matsuda

Description of business

DAIICHI PLASTIC is is a specialist group in a diversity of plastic forming , regardless of industry, operating under the corporate slogan, "any materials in any shapes".
It proposes products complying with the needs of the era through an integrated production system, by combining new technologies with the engineering capabilities cultivated since the company's founding.

Products and Technologies

For small lot production and large formed products, leave it to DAIICHI!

Vacuum and pressure forming in tune with the times

Vacuum and pressure forming machine

DAIICHI's core business is vacuum and pressure forming, in which plastic materials in film or sheet shape are heated to soften and adhere to a mold for forming. Its products are supplied to a wide range of fields, including construction equipment, automotive interior and exterior components, medical equipment, industrial equipment and housing equipment.

Molds of vacuum and pressure forming are less expensive and faster to produce compared to injection molding and can be used for products with various shapes and sizes.

A large plastic cover used for construction equipment

・Vacuum and pressure forming of large products up to 1600 mm x 2500 mm is possible.

・Vacuum-pressure forming enables molding of undercut and re-entrant shapes. It can also produce sharp surface profiles as same as injection molding.

・In addition to general-purpose resins and engineering plastics, it can also mold and process composite multilayer materials, printed materials, and surface-treated sheets.

Decorate complex shapes with film insert forming

Reproduces designs that cannot be achieved by other processing methods

Film insert forming

DAIICHI's film insert molding has the following features.
・High degree of freedom in design and possible to make complex shapes, multiple colors and a various patterns.
・One-stop service for mold making, printing, film insert forming and injection molding minimizes losses by strengthening the coordination between each process.
・Environmental load can be reduced compared to painting and plating.

Automobile interior, film insert molded part

In order to meet the diversified needs of customers, DAIICHI offers vacuum forming, vacuum/pressure forming, film insert forming in addition to 3D overlay forming and in-mold molding are performed in a clean environment.

It proposes forming and decorating methods that meet the shape, cost, quantity and design requirements of customers, and provide satisfaction to them.

Providing "pleasure" to customers through an integrated production system

From mold design and fabrication to decoration, inspection and shipping

Mold production facilities

DAIICHI PLASTICS handles everything from mold design and fabrication to printing, molding, inspection and shipping. By conducting all processes in-house, it is able to shorten lead times and achieve excellent cost performance.

・In-house production of molds shortens the mold-making period and allows for quick response to any mold modifications that may occur.

・Printing and decorative molding machines are installed in a clean room, striving to improve quality.

Screen Printing Shop

Please feel free to consult with DAIICHI, starting with prototypes.

DAIICHI provides assistance from the prototype stage. It aims to create products meeting the diverse needs of customers in detail, including various materials, technologies and the conversion of production methods.

Its technical sales staffs have experience in various production processes and are well versed in manufacturing, can make proposals for optimization.
Please feel free to contact them.

Corporate Profile

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1-117 Airport, Yao city, 581-0043, Japan
Yuichiro Matsuda
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1968 / 1974
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