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Product line

Products using LEDs

Design and manufacture of electronic circuits

Processing of acrylic, printing and manufacturing of acrylic goods


Masayasu Yoshikawa

Description of business

YKE is confident in the technologies they have developed over time for use in their manufacturing processes. Of particular note are their products using LEDs; the cutting, engraving and processing of acrylic; and electronic circuit design and production.

Products and Technologies

LED-based products and electronic circuit design and manufacturing

Making even a single piece for prototypes and one of a kind items

LED Products

●Commitment to Quality

Since YKE designs including circuits, it can optimize the compatibility of LEDs and light guide plates to produce high quality products. And it can also incorporate LEDs into various products brought in by customers.

Please feel free to contact YKE at any time when needed: "Can YKE make something like this?"

Sales promotion fixtures

●Commitment to sales promotion fixtures and measuring instruments

YKE offers a wide range of products, including POP products for advertising, light-guide plates, large LED signboards, solar LED signboards, information boards, displays, LED lights, LED traffic safety goods, LED coasters, glowing whiteboards, interior products, nameplates, automatic control panels, and various measuring instruments.

Manufacturing of acrylic goods

Confident in product quality

Acrylic key chains

●A wide range of acrylic goods manufacturing

YKE manufactures a wide range of acrylic goods such as acrylic key chains, stands, tapestries, etc. by cutting UV inkjet printers and laser processing machines.

It can also print not only gifts and novelties, but also industrial products such as cards and nameplates.

Molded products

●UV Printing

UV printing is also available for molded products. Please contact YKE for more information.

Goods to prevent COVID19 infection

Design partition

●Familiar partition

Partitions have become indispensable in restaurants due to the spread of COVID19 virus. YKE has produced partitions that can freely express messages, menus, brand images, etc., by utilizing its long-standing acrylic product processing and UV inkjet printing technologies.

Door opener

●Key chain type door opener

This is a convenient item that minimizes contact with public objects, such as operating buttons on elevators, etc., or opening doors.

It comes with a 75cm extension reel so it can be used while attached to a bag.
In addition, the contact surface is made of copper, which has high sterilizing and disinfecting capabilities.

CO2 measuring device

●Ventilation timing is indicated by a lamp.

-Carbon dioxide concentration can be measured from 400 to 9999ppm
-Efficient ventilation, "visualized" by lamps, usable in temperatures from -10°C to +50°C
-Non-dispersive infrared absorption sensor
-Available in large, medium, and small sizes

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-5-28, Hishie, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0984, Japan
Masayasu Yoshikawa
Founded / Established
1975 / 1996
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10,000,000 yen