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Product line

Chair Ace: Chairs can be upholstered and renewed with ease

Florina: A fabric that can be easily wiped clean even if it gets dirty

Description of business

KAJISHIN plans, processes and proposes fabric products for interior decoration. It specializes in build-to-order manufacturing fabric to meet the market needs of "everyday clean, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain" to make renovation easy.

Products and Technologies

Support for streamlining costs! “Chair Ace” can be used to easily reupholster both chair seats and backs

Special chairs for covering (reupholstering)

Chair with cover that can be replaced in about 10 minutes

●Cut costs for chair maintenance!

With fewer craftsmen available to reupholster chair seats, costs are rising. KAJISHIN has developed a product that can be easily reupholstered in 10 minutes by anyone, even if they are not an expert! Seat surfaces can be washed if they get dirty, so they are always clean and neat. Chair Ace can significantly reduce costs associated with reupholstering.

●Product features
・Specially designed reupholstable chairs
・Chair seats and backs can be re-covered
・Seats are screwed on and can be replaced if they become damaged
・Can be easily covered in 10 minutes
・Washable and wipeable, if soiled

Examples of re-coverings

“Flourina” tablecloths can be quickly wiped clean

Track record of delivery to 2,000 stores nationwide in Japan

Washable and wipeable, if soiled

●Always neat and clean

“Flourina” is a fabric that can be quickly wiped clean even when stained with soy sauce, ketchup, red chili oil and other liquids. Good for use as tablecloths, luncheon mats and chair covers. Alcohol sprays can also be used.

This revolutionary tablecloth is made with a thin, softened fluorine film that is laminated to cloth. A variety of cloths can be selected from the lineup according to the usage situation.

(Extensive product lineup)

・White 16 series
・Supple series
・Lace tablecloths
・Genova & Dusk
・Pattern series, other

In-house test of wiping with water by cloth

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-8-10, Aoi Cho Izumisano City, 598-0014, Japan
Hajime Kajiya
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