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Product line

Special steel cutting tools

End mills and cutters

Trimming dies (heading dies for bolt heads)


Hideaki Iwasaki

Description of business

Since its establishment, FUKUDA SEIKO has consistently manufactured and distributed cutting tools under the brand name of F.K.D.
Particularly, F.K.D. offers about 10,000 standardized items of cutting tools using high-speed steel that features excellent toughness and easy regrinding to provide its customers with reliable tools matching their needs.

Products and Technologies

Precision, high-quality, long-lived tools made of high-speed steel

Lineup of more than 10,000 items for cutting work

EMC super drills (high-grade powder high-speed steel, TiAlN coated)

●F.K.D. will find or make the cutting tools needed by its customers!

・F.K.D. offers cutting tools suitable for every kind of machining.
・Craftsmanship based on high-speed steel ensures high hardness, high wear resistance, and high toughness.

2-flute radius end mills

●That machining job can be done with high-speed steel

・Tools made of high-speed steel can be reground, thus supporting the SDGs.
・F.K.D. has about 10,000 items in stock to offer optimal cutting tools for every cutting condition and work material.

Please feel free to inquire about F.K.D.'s custom-made services (special orders).

A complete range, from end mills to cutters of every kind

Perfect cut! Rugged and durable cutting tools

T-slot cutter (top), staggered tooth T-slot cutter (bottom)

●In addition to standardized items, F.K.D. offers cutting tools suggested by its customers.

・Craftsmanship based on knowledge of the characteristics of machine tools and work materials.
・In-house fabrication of tooling and fixtures contributes to product uniformity, high quality, and high-mix, low-volume production.
・F.K.D. can quickly identify problems like process losses or extra time and propose cutting tools to solve the problems.

Dovetail cutters (shank type angle cutters) (top), double angle cutters (shank type W angle cutters) (bottom)

●In order to satisfy its customers, F.K.D. provides cutting tools filled with mature technology and long-year expertise.

・T-slot cutters – highly recommended cutting tools to support hard-to-automate and multi-process machining.
・Ball end mills and radius end mills – cutting tools supporting special technology for tip corner radius machining.

A manufacturing technology company that always sees things from the customer's perspective

Aiming to be a company loved and trusted by customers!

Trimming dies

●Trimming dies fabricated by the cutting tool manufacturer

・Bolt heads of any shape – hex, round, half-round, oval, square, etc.
・Support for various sizes and materials, machine-tool attachments, tools, etc.
With CVD or PVD coating, minimum order is 10 pieces – feel free to inquire.

Factory view

●Machinery equipment, 3S activities, and technological continuity make it possible to meet a variety of needs.

・Machinery equipment supporting every kind of machining – cutting, grinding, sharpening, etc.
・Technology continuity system – from high-skilled technicians with machining expertise to young employees

F.K.D. offers optimal cutting tools and dies to machine various work materials.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
12-36, Shijo Cho, Higashi Osaka City, 579-8053, Japan
Hideaki Iwasaki
Founded / Established
1935 / 1957
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