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Product line

Construction materials

Gaskets for gas meters and home appliances

Manufacture and sales of convenience goods


Shuzo Fujitani

Description of business

Plastic foam, the core merchandise of Jounan Co., Ltd., offer a variety of specific characteristics. They select optimal materials for every application such as seals for construction works, housewares, home appliances, general industrial fillings, packaging materials, etc., and apply appropriate processing based on their rich technology and expertise, to offer 'right products at right place'.

Products and Technologies

Provide with ‘foam’ at every shape.

Accepting small lots for fast turnaround !

Using their own production facilities and partner factories, Jounan can respond promptly (delivery time, quotation, trial manufacture).

○ Transportation of valuable items : Cushioning materials (to absorb vibration)
○ Prevention of water leaks : Water stops (for roofs, balconies and other applications)
○ Promotional cases and displays : Stationery cases and cut signs

And many other applications.
If you just think: it might be used there…, do not hesitate to contact Jounan.

Cutting plotter

Using the cutting plotter Jounan will fabricate any shape as requested by their customers

Cutting plotter

Mass production requires no tooling cost – they will fabricate prototypes until the requested shape is obtained, thus offering mass products to customer’s satisfaction.

Back-up materials, joint sealers

Back-up materials for construction works are Jounan’s core product.

Back-up materials, joint sealers

Back-up materials to prevent cracking and peeling in exterior wall joints: their joint sealers enjoy high credibility as means for waterproofing for roof tiles and sealing for sashes and doors.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
3-4-12, Takaida Hondori, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0066, Japan
Shuzo Fujitani
Founded / Established
1957 / 1961
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10,000,000 yen