MOBIO booth No. : North facility 1st floor 15


Product line

Planning, production, sales of resin products

Injection molding, ultrasonic laser processing


Naoya Kawashima

Description of business

KAWASHIMA offers total production services from plastic product planning and injection molding to in-house mold design and manufacturing, inkjet printing/painting, and other decorating and assembly.

The company's flagship product, the original board hook, boasts a variety of more than 3,600 types, and aims to be the largest hook manufacturer in Japan.

Products and Technologies

Rapid integrated support for planning and production of resin molded products !

● Strong as a manufacturer of general resin molding and processing
・Integrated management of quality and delivery from product planning to manufacturing and processing.
・Shortened development period through pre-examination and verification of problems during mass production using prototyping equipment (3D scanners, light laminating model machines).
・Shortened development period and lowered costs for metal molds.

●Quicker production of models
・Modeling and assessments can be carried out immediately after design using a light modeling machine.
・Significant improvement of development efficiency using high-resolution modeling models.

"K" mark plastic hooks

Plastic hooks

● Enhanced lineup of 3,600 products
・Ability to respond to requests for a number of standard pieces due to enhanced lineup and capacity for immediate response.
・Class: Board hooks for hanging furniture and fixtures, net hooks for net furniture and fixtures.
・Type: General type with/without stoppers, bent, wide, double (twin-type), etc.
・Length: 10mm to 300mm
・Related merchandise: We have a wide-variety of merchandise available, such as S-rings, links, price cards, sidebars hooks, multi-stoppers, partition clips, board rails, box bars, etc.

● Quick response for special products
・Complete planning and design in-house by designers.
You can leave the switch from metal to resin to the professionals.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-6-24 Takaida Naka, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 574-0013, Japan
Naoya Kawashima
Founded / Established
1985 / 2004
Company URL

10,000,000 yen
Major account
Beauty and health products industry, peripheral accessories for communication devices, such as games and smartphone covers, etc.