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Product line

Injection molding

Extrusion net molding

Assembly processing of molded parts


Keisuke Kitai

Description of business

Kitai Seisakusyo Co., Ltd. manufactures plastic products for a variety of fields, including raised floors, building materials, food containers, and general daily goods.

Products and Technologies

Injection molding

Integrated production from die design to assembly of molded parts

- Owns fourteen 130 to 550-t injection molding machines
- Extensive ancillary facilities, such as hot air dryers and dehumidifying dryers / Equipped with a machining center, general-purpose milling cutter, and general-purpose lathe for quick responses to problems
- Supplies general-purpose resin and recycling materials
- Capable of responding to various needs by establishing manufacturing plants in three cities

Extrusion net molding

Development and marketing of “Alpha-Dianet”

- Superior strength, flexibility, breathability, water resistance, and cold resistance
- Capable of small lot production through digital label printing
- 14 variations of colors / Provision of variations, such as nets with body-wrap labels, reel-type nets, and flat-type nets

Development of branded products

Raised floors, underfloor ventilation spacers and turf protective materials

●Eco-unit floor series
- Development of four different models of raised floors manufactured with recycled plastic (H40 / 50 / 70 / 95) and six items
- Preparation of original aluminum frames and cutouts
- Provides with material marketing and construction services

● Eco-packing series
- Development of all 11 items of recycled plastic underfloor spacers (ventilation materials: 8 types, airtight materials: 3 types)
- Availability of sheet-shaped products for airtight materials (2 types)
- Provision of termite damage warranty system (*only for ventilation materials)

● Eco-unit base
- Turf protection materials for green turf parking lots
- Availability of eco-unit bases as turf pavement materials
- Contributed to measures against heat-island phenomenon

●Eco-unit mats
- Availability of eco-unit mats as turf protection materials for parks and bicycle parking areas
- Improved walkability due to flat surface design

●Food containers
- Availability of three types of containers for tablets
- Availability of six types of resin strainers for zarutofu (tofu made in strainer)
- Two types of pots for candy and soda pop

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-10-1, Imazukita, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka City, 538-0041, Japan
Keisuke Kitai
Founded / Established
1962 / 1970
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10,000,000 yen
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