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Product line

Oxygen-free annealed copper stranded wire / braided wire

Annealed copper stranded wire / braided wire

Tinned braided annealed copper wire


Ryotaro Bessho

Description of business

Since its establishment in 1946, BESSHO has been serving various customers as a specialized factory for manufacturing ultra-thin stranded and braided wires.
In order to keep up with the current trend of lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller wires in line with the recent development of electric and electronic materials, BESSHO is enhancing its staff, facilities and technology.

Products and Technologies

Annealed ultra-fine copper stranded and braided wires

●Annealed copper stranded wire, oxygen-free copper stranded wire

By focusing and twisting ultra-fine copper wires (0.03 to 0.18 m/m), BESSHO produces conductors with excellent flexibility and bendability. It has a long track record of use in fields requiring high quality, such as automotive and medical applications.

In addition to oxygen-free annealed copper wire, annealed copper bare wire and annealed tin-plated copper wire, BESSHO also offers nickel-plated, aluminum, and other materials to meet a wide range of applications.

●Annealed copper stranded wire, tinned braided annealed copper wire

BESSHO produces electrical conductors with enhanced flexibility and bendability by weaving the wires like a fabric. They are used for wiring in areas with a lot of movement and vibration, and for space-saving wiring.

Due to those large surface area, they have an excellent heat radiation effect and are also used as a thermal countermeasure. Special specifications such as cored round braided wire and double flat braided wire are also available upon request.

Introduction of various state-of-the-art equipment

●Manufacturing facilities

BESSHO has introduced a variety of the latest production equipment.

Base on the corporate principle to provide "high-mix, small-lot, high quality", BESSHO has earned the patronage of various industries including the automotive industry.

●New Plant

In August 2020, BESSHO started operations at a new plant in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture.

Recall the past to understand the future

●Finishing process by craftsmen's hands
(Twisting and weaving)
A traditional technique that has taken root in Japan since ancient times.

Pursuing this technology to build a bridge to a new era.
This is the starting point of BESSHO ELECTRIC WIRE manufacturing, which has been carried out consistently since its establishment.

●Terminal processed products
(electrical connection parts utilizing the characteristics of stranded wires and flat braided wires)

The use of stranded wire and flat braided wire in the flexible portion allows for installation in a bent or twisted manner.
It is also possible to attach a shrink tube to the stranded wire or flat braided wire.
Round terminals can be attached to both.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
1-2-10, Kurakakiuchi, Ibaraki City, 567-0878, Japan
Ryotaro Bessho
Founded / Established
1946 / 1946
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