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Product line

Machining of thermoplastic and thermoset plastics

High-temperature insulation materials and general rubber

Bending, bonding, welding, and die-cutting of plastic materials


Tatsuo Tanaka

Description of business

ABE WORKS has been cutting a wide variety of synthetic resin materials from hard insulation type to soft rubber type, using the corporate technology and expertise accumulated over 40 years in business.
ABE always meets the needs of customers by making products that are more accurate and better than anywhere else.

Products and Technologies

Respond to needs accurately and flexibly and provide better technology

Accumulated machining technology for a wide variety of plastics

Processed thermosetting resin products

Machining of thermosetting resin materials used in heat resistant applications requires special blades, equipment and accumulated skills for years. ABE can safely handle anything from laminated sheets to glass-filled materials.

ABE maintains a wide variety of material stock, from small items to very large ones, including phenol, epoxy, FRP and TC boards, and therefore can handle small lot production run.

Processed products of thermoplastic resin

In line with increasing demand of engineering plastic resins and super engineering plastics as alternatives to metals with even greater strength and heat resistance, ABE applies its extensive technology to commercialize products using appropriate and best fit processing methods for each material with hard or soft characteristics.

Machining various materials (PPS, PEEK, PTFE, POM, MC nylon and UHMW), ABE is capable to handle prototypes, small lots and short delivery times.

Quality control with experienced technology and a variety of equipment

Produce good products by making best fit tools for the materials.

Machining with NC router

It is said that special tools for cutting resin are not generally available in the market compared to those for metalworking and woodworking. Therefore ABE firstly modify cutting tools according to the material to be processed, and strive to improve processing speed and accuracy.
ABE is stand ready for multiple processes such as cutting, punching, bending, and gluing in response to customer needs.

Image measuring instrument

ABE has enough experience processing a wide range of materials, from general plastics to rubber (natural and synthetic), carboglass sheets, and other thin and sheet materials.
In particular, as a policy of not delivering defective products, ABE requires the cleaning of equipment before processing different materials, and is always researching the best processing methods for new materials and providing good products with strict quality control.

Achieve short delivery time, competitive cost and high quality through batch management

Cutting out material with a running saw

From cutting large-size materials with its extensive material stock to precision cutting, gluing, welding, bending, inspection, and shipping, ABE does it all in-house, thus reducing work hours and extra running costs.

Heat bending process using plastic bending machine

ABE uses its manufacturing magic to shape flat materials into three-dimensional shapes. As an example, for products such as water tanks, ABE can even inspect water leaks.

It will challenge to machine new synthetic resin materials with its 40 years of experience and masterful technology to achieve short delivery times, competitive prices and high quality.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
2-1-6, Karasaki Nishi, Takatsuki City, 569-0857, Japan
Tatsuo Tanaka
Founded / Established
1976 / 1984
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