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IH Compatibity created New Cooking Utensil Market /Meet the President #26 - Mr.Fujita

"Let's create something when the customer couldn't find any suitable product!" is the basic strategy of Mr. Fujita of OHSHIN. Positively collecting market needs and voices, they have cultivated new business and reached No.1 in the commercial Induction Heater cooking/serving compatible cookware market. Renovating the kitchen cooler and developing cookwares for heat reservoir has been and will be directed by Fujita's Customer's First policy.


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No.26 is Mr. Fujita of ***OHSHIN CO., LTD. (Find Details) ***

- Cookwares compatible with Induction Heating(IH), Chef shoes, Aluminum processing

●Product Development by Wish List of Commercial Restaurant

Korean Hot Pot cooked on IH

When he was working as a TV commercial director, Fujita was identified as CEO of OHSHIN CO., LTD. in 2009. "I had no idea of OHSHIN's business at all. " says Fujita. So he decided, as a "stranger", to innovate and improve the company with his fresh point of view.

His first strategy was to convert their commercial IH cookwares to household types because their "Magical Donabe" was registered as the "Only 1″ product by Higashi Osaka city. However its household series was not widely accepted in the market because of top end price range when the depression was at its worst.

When he was worrying corporate future, he had a chance to attended the seminar hosted by MOBIO and came to notice the strength of the company.


"We have responded to every request by the commercial kitchen customers and developed own technology to meet their requirement. 'Leave it to us and we will manage it' has been our corporate strategy. I was convinced to change my business direction to concentrate the commercial market because OHSHIN would provide better solution based on our expertise."

Usually it needs market survey and marketing activity to develop commercial products, however OHSHIN does not need those extra work. Their sales staffs visit kitchen site and receive needs and request from chefs directly. It kicks off product development process.

"SME fails to enter the mass market quite often. Rather SME had better to focus the niche market that is too small for the large companies. From that point of view IH compatible cookwares with carbon layer fit to SME operation. It requires a lot of manual operation by a craftsman and is not in line with mass production system. So I have noticed, for the SME who survives in technology market, this commercial IH cookware is an ideal product." says Fujita.

●Development Continues

IH and gas compatible cookware

026_03.jpgIn addition to cook pot, they have expanded commercial product very widely; a pasta plate, a lightweight steak plate, a noodle bowl, a lava plate, a Korean rice bowl, an IH plate and etc. And their customer base has increased a lo in a commercial restaurant market; a casual dining chain, a steak house chain, a noodle restaurant chain, a beef bowl chain, a pasta chain, a Korean soup chain, a hot pot chain and etc.

Their latest product is the new category product, IH and conventional gas compatible cookware, "Cookpot" designed by the known industrial designer. Its simple and modern design and convenient function is well accepted at trade shows outside Japan. They have started export operation to France and other European countries.

Their challenge continues.


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