Posted : Oct 14, 13

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Looking for businesses matching/Mr. Nogami of DAIICHI KOGYO CO., LTD.

The color coded name plate type key chains that are widely used at hotels, locker rooms where keys are used in Japan. They are Markey branded key chains produced by DAIICHI KOGYO CO., LTD.

Display at SME Fair in Kaisai 2013
●Looking for businesses matching with different industry fields


Homework in the office after work

Nogami was asked to participate the SME show by MOBIO when he visited the hall to replace display products.

He says "I was called by MOBIO to join the show. Due to my business schedule I could attend preparation seminar only once, however I could receive a supplementary lesson and a home assignment by MOBIO and I appreciate MOBIO a lot".

Trying to catch up other participants, Nogami studied by himself. After measuring actual booth he has simulated product and booth layout. As a result at the SME show their booth display was appreciated by the visitors with the compliments.

P1040584-300 Presentation to the visitors at the SME booth

Nagmi says, "Every year we participate in several shows relating to DIY and it was our first to have the booth at SME Fair. And most of MOBIO exhibitors are processing or parts manufacturing companies. So we thought it might be a good chance to meet people in the different business market. They might consider to use our products and might become our partner to consult manufacturing. It might be an opportunity to expand business network. Daiichi should not stick to previous consciousness."

As expected, through the show he could collect a lot of business cards and received inquiries of sample and catalogue. And some of them are now on the business table.

●Product development to open the new market
大一鋼業_スッポンフック The powerful Suppon Hook, displayed by adhering to a concrete block

Because Daiichi has a broad product range, they need to consider ways to promote adequately by product category.

"For example at MOBIO permanent hall booth we may add display of usage to product display. It may create business opportunity of kit marketing with other companies and of functional parts. We may expand product range on top of of present categories. And we need to improve product development skills."

Furthermore, other than core business sectors (DIYs and Home Improvement Centers) they are trying to open stationary stores and commodity stores for ladies. "We will start up with marketing 123 seriously", Nogami emphasized.


Interviewed on Jul. 3, 2013