Posted : Sep 07, 15

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Toyota and Aizu met Osaka/MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Sep.4

In September companies from two market run the special exhibition in the Hall, the first time display by Toyota city companies and the third time display by Aizu market. MOBIO Cafe Meeting on September 4 was by Exhibitors at Toyota and Aizu Manufacturers Exhibition in the MOBIO Tech. Hall.


1) Product Presentation

<Team Toyota>


●SUZUMURA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. /Plastics & Acrylics Processing

Vacuum forming and second-surface decoration by ink jet printing

鈴村修正 P1040109
●YAHAGI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. / Slim Technology

Forced extraction for FRP injection time saving

DSCF9165 P1040110

●KITO PRECISION MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. / More Precise! More Accurate!

Machining special form components at micron accuracy

DSCF9170 P1040112


Ultra precision mold with lapping and profile processing

DSCF9179 P1040103

●YAMAICHI CO. LTD. / Electrode of the welding robot

Quick turnaround service of electrode tip

DSCF9182 P1040107

●SUZUKI SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD. / High Precision Steel Cutting

Delivery from Vietnam factory for Asian market

DSCF9189 P1040081

●YOKOYAMA KOGYO CO., LTD. / Harnessing Unlimited Creativity and Growing by Transformation

SFP press technology to stamp as precise as machining

DSCF9193 P1040082

●KAMO SEIKO CORPORATION / Change from 'Motion' to 'Emotion'

Possible machine processing without any backlash

DSCF9199 P1040084
●TODA IRON WORKS CO., LTD / One stop process srvice

Able to deliver from tiny parts to large parts

DSCF9267 P1040088

Next-Generation Robotics Study Group / Providing component technology to assist future robot

Group study by nine member companies


●F. Pivot Corporation

Craftsman cooperative


●High‐Tech Industry Innovation Plaza

Promoting Sustainability and Innovation of Japanese Manufacturing


Promoting joint work


●Toyota City Office

Assisting "Made in Toyota City" production


<Team Aizu>


●AIZU KOJYO CO., LTD / Horizontal controlled flow pouring process

Thin wall casting by H process

DSCF9219 P1040121
●AKATSUKI SEIKI CO., LTD. / Machining Process

Machining and cold forging for local partners

DSCF9232 P1040122
●TAMAGAWA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. / Radio Frequency Heating Apparatus

Expanded application to brazing through discussion with MOBIO companies

DSCF9240 P1040125

●JUKI AIZU CORPORATION / Lost Wax Casting and Metallic Powder Injection Molding

Providing lost wax or MIM processing by demand

DSCF9247 P1040129

●TOHOKU RHYTHM CO., LTD. / In-house development for outside sales

Automatic inspection device for 24 hour operation


<Out of the Tech . Hall>

They talked and listened during the session frankly. It was another start for business and communication.

DSCF9278 交流会