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Hands-On Communication on the Premise / MOBIO Cafe Meeting in the Field on May 12

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. On May 12, MOBIO Café Meeting was held in Settsu city, outside of MOBIO Tech Hall. Due to increased application, a meeting room was changed to a larger room. It was hot in May 12 and was heated discussion among participants.

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Part I: Technology presentation

●Settsu City

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(R) Eggshell engravement sample
A city official introduced several assisting programs such as a June 21st business matching fair including a lecture by a MOBIO exhibitor.

<Settsu City Companies>

摂津 上野鉄工.jpg 摂津 上野鉄工 製品.jpg
By a laser machine, Ueno is capable to cut anything from a thin film to a thick plate, except human relationships. An eggshell with an engravement was quite surprising. Utilizing its machining equipment, Ueno provides an integrated metal processing service to customers.

摂津 アサヒ工作所.jpg 摂津 アサヒ工作所 製品.jpg
Most of Asahi's products are invisible plastic items. FRP is one of materials and is superior in heat and voltage endurance, that Asahi manufactures parts to be used above the ceiling or under the floor of a electric train and etc. It can shave every plastic materials even if people may say what this is.

摂津 カネタ.jpg 摂津 カネタ 製品 .jpg
Kaneta manufactures a BBQ grill to make outdoor cooking more enjoyable and a chips compression machine with centrifugal deoiling function to save dispopsables cost. And Kaneta is focusing on laser processing and its application to products.

<MOBIO Tech Hall Exhibitors>(More information)

●Nihon DSP Limited Company (More info.)
摂津 日本DSP.jpg 摂津 日本DSP 製品.jpg
Caracters might feel safe to dance on a float at any location by DSP's caster unit "Unpanman", that is widely used to sense levels of cargo carrying line as well. A DSP's movable work station with an adjuster unit is known as a carrying station for precision devices. The station can be moved to any location when needed by switching adjuster pad and its height is adjustable by the handle.


摂津 佐々木化学薬品.jpg 摂津 佐々木化学薬品 製品.jpg (B4 & after)
Sasaki develops a human and ecology friendly chemicals at demanded timing and amount. "S-pure" is developed as an oxide film remover for weld burning of SUS materials. On the other hand "S-clean" is a people-friendly neutral rust remover used for pretreatment of plating, polishing or coating. Small contaoiners are avialbale at internet sales system.

摂津 関西特殊工作油.jpg 摂津 関西特殊工作油 製品.jpg
Pay more attention to machine oil on top of machine and tool selection! Kansai develops a market demand type oil and helps improvement of manufacturing operation byincrease of machining capacity and reduction fo metal chips. It also provided smaller container size from 20L for SMEs covenience. It manufactures a "Non-hazardous material" cutting fluids under the Japanese Fire Service Act, "Chemicut" made of plant.

Part II: Face-to-face communication

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It was a HOT and frank session! A lot of Settsu City companies and companies from neibouring cities gathered and exchanged ideas. They passed around business cards and product related informations and might have acquired several ideas for future business.
The next cross industry meeting at the MOBIO Tech Hall, MOBIO-Cafe Meeting, is a product presentation by companies of Kadoma City and Moriguchi City.
【Date】June 10 (Fri.) from 18:00

【Premise】MOBIO Tech Hall

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See you at the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting and let's talk about future plans!