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Let's become Doraemon who has has 4D pocket to take out variety of tools/Meet the President

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.
The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Morita of MORITA SEISHINSHO CO. (More info.)

- Swaging, Sharpening of discharge needles

P1060361.JPG P1070340.JPG

(Left) Mr. Morita (Right) New facility established in 2016


An Industry Leader at SUS Pipe Swaging Technology

MORITA started stainless steel pipe processing for optical fiber cable protection and medical neeedles. Recently its core business is fabricating electric discharging pipes for electric air purifiers, utilising its accuracy of the tip sharpness less than 0.05mm.



Focus on New Business, Medical Market

"Whenever we were requested by customer if MORITA could make this, we seriously studied ways to meet such a demand. And its attitude has cultivated our engineering and manufacturing technology", said Morita.

Morita picked up medical market, not because needles are widely used but high quality items are necessary in the medical market. Morita said, "Japanese products are highly appreciated of its quality, reliability and security by international customers. And medical items are typical products. I beleive our involvement in medical market provide certification of MORITA's quality." Moreover medical market is stable and its involvement will provide MORIITA with next target to overcome.

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(Left) Vacuum Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine (Right) Microscope


Although MORITA has 40 years truck record of needle manufacturing for a drip transfusion, it has not delat dierctly with mecdical equipment manufacturers. Therefore in 2014 MORITA participated in MEDIX (Medical Device Development Expo.) asssited by MOBIO. MORITA commented, "Through MEDIX we have achived corporate PR and have noticed there is a demand for our products, long and thin pipes specility. I could have confirmed our direction toward medical market was correct."

044_107.jpg 044_104.jpg

(Left) MEDIX (Right) Medical Division


Manufaturing is dream making

Morita said, "Medical needles are widely known, however its market has already occupied by large companies. So I have determined to tackle niche market as a late commer." They are surgical needles and long needles for infertility treatment, that could have processed through established technology of sewing machine needles.

"In Japan there are very few companies who are capable to manufacture thin and long needles. With our experience, we will make something new", Morita continued, "So I often say to our staff 'Let's become Doraemon (a very popular, imaginary cartoon robot in Japan). Manufaturing is dream making. Just as a catoon Doraemon picks up anything from his 4D pocket whenever he was asked. Through neverending effort we will definitely open our ways for next business stage."


Interviewed on June 16, 2016

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