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Lots of questions from user's perspective / Sep. 27 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

To four exhibitors, audiences directed questions from user's perspectives: "Oh! I am using it", "How can I replace its part?", "Can you give me an advice at my site?", "How do you think of improvement of productivity?", "Why do you use that material for this?" and etc.

●Assisting safe operation to hoist trains or roofs

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TAIYO SEIKI is a comprehensive manufacturer of slinging jigs such as shackles, hooks and fiber slings. It is the only company who fabricates both shackles and fiber slings.

For safe slinging operation it conducts safety practice seminar at factories and develops convenient application software for smart phones and tablet to automatically caliculate appropriate hoisting angle, thickness or length of wires.
●Holding tools to guarantee accuracy of 1/100 or less when boring holes 100 diameter, responding to high speed MCs


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MCs and other complex machines are speeding up such as 40,000 rpm and improving accuracy to meet the demand of parts miniaturization and high-accuracy performance. Daishowa has developed tools to respond to those needs and providing improve swing stopping accuracy less than 3μ. With "BIG" brand it offers 20,000 and more toolings, including hydraulic chucks, accurate boring bars, milling chuck and etc.
●Forming 60mm thick silicone sponge parts from 20mm thick sheet

MATUYAMA CO., LTD. (Read more)

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By use of MATUYAMA's own unique technology of cutting and adhesion, it is capable to produce three-dimensional gaskets, thicker than original silicon sponge sheet for high temperature instruments. Without a lathe MATUYAMA has developed exclusive process shaping silicone sponge cylinder stoppers with no hole.

"Nobihari" made of a non-stick silicon sponge and extendable tape is effective in simplifying field work and reducing work time.

●No thermal strain of a base material due to iron plating process under 100C
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By updating iron plate treatment technology FUSO is possible to plate even CFRP rolls! It has a long truck record of double plating, iron plating as the primary and hard chromium plating as the secondly; which is lighter and durable than aluminum printing rollers.

Because iron plating is to treat a base material at lower temperature than 100℃, its advantage is to prevent from thermal strain and to plate repeatedly.
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Interactive discussion continued. They exchanged ideas and commented for technologies.
Participate the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting in Osaka city. It will be the special meeting with companies from Ehime prefecture. Read more for details.
Date: October 4, from 18:00
Location: Business Plaza Osaka

2-1-1, Bingo Cho, Chuoku, Osaka City