Posted : Oct 12, 16

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Hands-On Communication on the Premise / MOBIO Cafe Meeting in the Field on Oct. 4

MOBIO Café Meeting is an interactive session. On October 4, MOBIO Café Meeting was held in Osaka city, outside of MOBIO Tech Hall.

Companies from Ehime and Osaka area got together at "Business Plaza Osaka" that had just finished the grand opening ceremony in the morning. By sitting in a circle every companies explained its technology and exchanged business issues to tackle.

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Part I: Technology presentation


<Ehime Pref. Companies>

P1090385.JPG P1090389.JPG

(L) Tsuzuki Iron Works Co., Ltd. (R) Takenaka Wire Cloth Co., Ltd.

P1090393.JPG P1090397.JPG

(L) Iio Denki Inc. Co., Ltd. (R) Okada Electric Corporation

P1090403.JPG P1090408.JPG

(L) Sasaki Mfg. Industry Co. (R) Daishin SUS Fabrication Company


Choso Iron Works Co., Ltd.


<Osaka Pref. Companies>

P1090421.JPG P1090422.JPG

(L) Umeda Iron Works (R) Shoei Industrial Co., Ltd.

P1090426.JPG P1090429.JPG

(L) Acurus Co., Ltd. (R) Shimada Chemical Co., Ltd.

P1090433.JPG P1090434.JPG

(L) Tanahashi Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd. (R) Taiyo Seiki Iron Works Co., Ltd.

P1090437.JPG P1090438.JPG

(L) Arakawa Cardboard Corporaion (R) Fujitech Corporation


Part II: Face-to-face communication

P1090457.JPG P1090459.JPG
It was a good start both for Osaka and Ehime companies to know each other and to talk about possible business collaborations. They passed around business cards and product related informations.
The next cross industry meeting at the MOBIO Tech Hall, MOBIO-Cafe Meeting, is a product presentation by companies from Fukushima pref. and Okayama pref.
【Date】October 7 (Fri.) from 19:00

【Premise】MOBIO Tech Hall


See you at the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting and let's talk about future plans!