Posted : Aug 07, 17

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Neyagawa City Companies speak out / Aug. 2 MOBIO Cafe Meeting

The cross-industry meeting in the MOBIO Tech Hall is filled with topics. Companies from Neyagawa City exhibition in August explained their state-of-the-art technologies on August 2.

Participants asked many questions to speakers, such as "Does it mean ...?", "So can you manufacture ...?", "How do you think of this ...?"

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<Technology Explanation>

●Kashihara Gear Works Co., LTD. : Planetary gear for speed reducer

P1130079.JPG P1130117.JPG

●The Honjo Chemical Corp.: Materials for rechargeable and primary batteries

P1130055.JPG P1130126.JPG

●The Honjo Chemical Corp.: Materials for rechargeable and primary batteries

P1130091.JPG P1130124.JPG

●Kotera Industry Co., Ltd.: Metal bracket

P1130042.JPG P1130130.JPG

●Kotobuki Metal Works: Stamped Cavity

P1130061.JPG P1130134.JPG

●Nobumoto metal works: Machined parts

P1130069.JPG P1130113.JPG

●Kawachi Industry Co., Ltd.: Stamping process

P1130074.JPG P1130116.JPG

●Maeda Metal Works: Stamped plates to be used as gift items

P1130086.JPG P1130121.JPG

●Woodwork Anzu Ltd.: Wooden furniture

P1130058.JPG P1130132.JPG


<Off the Tech Hall>


Frank discussion continued overtime and participants were relaxed and enjoyed their free time as much as possible. We, at MOBIO, really look forward to collaborate with participants all the year round.


MOBIO Café Meeting is a cross-industry gathering, held twice a month. It offers opportunity to participants asking any questions freely.

The next hand-on communication by MOBIO exhibitors is scheduled on August 23.

Date: August 23 (Wed) PM 6:00 - PM 8:00

Location: MOBIO Tech Hall, Osaka


SHIMIZU CO.,LTD. : Heat-resistant, acid-resistant, insulating coating


KOTEC CORPORATION: Compounding polycarbonate resins


R&B Company CO., LTD.: LED light-emitting channel letter signage