Posted : Nov 13, 17

Category : Event

View Video! Security products, Hybrid stamping mold, Industrial heater, Plastic injection modeling VR system, Rubber gasket from material to MP, Protective clothes, Wheelchair for training, Bathwater reheating equipment

Novermber 9th MOBIO Cafe Meeting was another fun time for participants to know advanced technologies developed by "Takumi" companies in Osaka.


NOMURA TEC CO., LTD.: Security products

KONISHI METAL MOLD ENGINEERING LTD.: Cornishe brand hybrid stamping mold

TEITOKUSHA CO., LTD.: Industrial heater

FUJIKAWA PLASTICS CORP.: Plastic injection moldeling VR system

TAKAISHI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.: Rubber gasket from material blending, sampling and mass production

SUCCESS PLANNING CORPORATION: Protective clothes for factories

OKUDAYA GIKEN CO., LTD.: Wheelchair for training

YUAI GIKEN CO., LTD.: Bathwater reheating equipment for commercial market


Visit MOBIO to see their display in the Tech hall. Refer to the Tech Hall location.