Posted : Nov 17, 18

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Take a ride on the wing of Osaka / MOBIO Cafe Meeting

MOBIO is running OWO (On the Wing of Osaka) technology exhibition in the MOBIO Tech Hall as a November special display. On November 14, seven exhibitors explained their latest development in the MOBIO Cafe Meeting.

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・SDC Tanaka Inc.

P1180609.JPG P1180565.JPG

Manufactures of plasma heat treated or vacuum heat treated aerospace metal parts


・Koei Spring Industry Co., Ltd.

P1180621.JPG P1180567.JPG

Cylindrically coiled spring is used in the safety valve to feed fuel to rocket launching stand.


・Minami manufacturing Co., Ltd.

P1180633.JPG P1180568.JPG

Produced prototype stamped parts for aircraft landing leg



P1180636.JPG P1180570.JPG

A special sized thrust ball bearing is used in a satellite to open wings in the space.


・Teikoku Seibyo Co.,Ltd.

P1180643.JPG P1180573.JPG

Developed nonferrous metal processing technology and processed titanium bolts


・Nitto Shoji, Ltd.

P1180651.JPG P1180541.JPG

Developed silica coating method with three layers for aviation industry


・Marui & Co., Ltd.

P1180656.JPG P1180543.JPG

Developed an automatic compression testing machine to measure elasticity and plasticity of bolts 


See you in the next MOBIO Cafe Meeting on November 26 and discuss on IT issues!

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