Posted : Aug 13, 19

Category : Event

【Interesting Movie!】Ultra-thin slimming, Wire-type linear encoder, Plastic molding furniture "CUBE BOX α" / MOBIO Cafe Meeting on August 6

View some of technology explanation by exhibitors'.

1) Ultra-thin slimming of glass substrates: NSC ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

Possible to process large pieces of glass with a thickness of 0.20 mm or less

2) Detecting continuous changes in liquid levels: SANTEST CO., LTD.

Dimensions can be measured like a tape measure! See its sensor application.

3) The furniture made from plastic and wood: SEMI KOGYO CO., LTD.

Introducinbg a convenient storage furniture - Plastic molding furniture "CUBE BOX α" by use of its plastic injection skills.


Coming up on September 5 next time. Read details

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