Posted : Mar 17, 20

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【Amazing Technology without a Trick】Metal surface deterioration by sandblasting or vacuum heating

At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies!

Please study state-of-the-art technology displayed at the MOBIO booths and explained on the WEB by OSAKA SMEs.


*SHINKO BLAST FACTORY CO., LTD. Sandblast processing

Surface modification through SHINKO's blast processing that brings about improvement of products' added value. Its latest product is a polishing glass table that is effective for analysis of laminated cross section of semi-conductors.

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*FINETECH INC. Metal heat treatment processing

By use of FINETCH's vacuum heat processing, metal will have little distortion.This is a method in which materials are overheated at a high temperature inside an airtight container that has been decompressed by a vacuum pump, and are then cooled by nitrogen gas or oil and hardened.

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