Posted : Mar 30, 20

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【Amazing Technology without a Trick】"Low cost" remote monitoring, abnormality monitoring, temperature monitoring

At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies! Please study state-of-the-art technology displayed at the MOBIO booths and explained on the WEB by OSAKA SMEs.


*TOYONAKA KEISOU CO., LTD. Wire-saving multiplex transmission systems

TOYONAKA has a technology that reduces wiring and multiplex transmission (universal line) to realize temperature monitoring, equipment operation monitoring, and security monitoring at low cost even in large commercial facilities.

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For example, the temperature of stored products can be monitored for 24 hours at different locations, even for refrigerators, freezers and showcases of different manufacturers and different models installed at 200 locations in the facilities. Even at night, TOYONAKA is able to develop and manufacture an inexpensive system that detects every changes and alerts personnels or guards before the product becomes rotten.

In addition, it is possible to unify all information and conduct "low cost" monitoring by sensors in the factory to identify abnormal machine operation, sudden surgee of temperature, etc.