Posted : Apr 20, 20

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【Web Cafe Meeting】 A closing cheer at an online meetup was an air performance, "MOBIO!"

Join us on the internet from anywhere! That is the New "Web Cafe Meeting".

You can easily watch live broadcasts in the office or at home by smartphone or computer and ask questions to the caller.
Participate in this interactive event and think of ways to beat the CONVID-19 days! Even at time of "STAY HOME", the MOBIO Tech Hall will continue to transmit information and to assist collaboration between firms.


Corp. details:

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The C.E.O. Mr.Tanaka introduced thoughts on introducing many robots, streamlining process management, and editing video standard manuals by the video and data tables.

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There were many questions and suggestions from participating companies in the live broadcast from each companies or homes; "Explain details how you made a video manual", "We are informing in this way" and on and on. It was a very constructive internet meetup. The closing cheer is an air performance, "MOBIO!".

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