Posted : Jul 22, 20

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Amazing Technology without a Trick! NIHON SUIKEN works on a richer tomorrow where people and nature coexist through water technologies!

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by OSAKA SMEs. At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies!




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"Distilled water" is indispensable in the manufacturing process of electronic parts, foods, chemicals, etc. Responding to market trend, NIHON has developed a good fit product for SMEs and institutions. The NIHON's cartridge type water deionizers produce the deionized water, is an excellent product that requires minimal installation space and does not require regeneration chemicals or drainage facilities. And there are 12 types depending on process capacity from approximately 900 liters to approximately 12,600 liters.


Furthermore, in Japan its has a complete service system that NIHON collects resin whose capacity in cartridge type water deionizers has been depleted, regenerates the resin by in-house equipment and return to customers.


Study NIHON SUIKEN's water deionizer at the 1st floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall.