Posted : Jul 22, 20

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Amazing Technology without a Trick! JKK's made-to-order system means a quick turnaround of liquid level gauges to suit your needs!

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by OSAKA SMEs. At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies!




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NIHON KEIKI, called JKK, utilizing its Integrated made-to-order system, from design through to production, JKK meets its customers' diverse needs with precision, agility and speed.

More than 70% of components are sourced inhouse, which means a quick turnaround of products.


With a structure that effectively uses repulsion and suction of a magnet, the float magnetic force in the column rotates the rotor to clearly indicate the liquid level position. The magnet type liquid level gauge is most suitable for tanks of dangerous substances specified by the Fire Service Law in Japan because it does not use glass and is highly safe and there is no gauge damage or liquid leakage. And a variety of options are available that can be connected to a computer or recorder by mounting a remote sensor.


In addition, JKK has a Klinger type for pressure vessels, a round glass type for small tanks, and a welding type liquid level gauge that welds directly to the tank. This is also due to the in-house integrated processing system from cutting, welding, assembly and inspection to painting.


Study NIHON KEIKI's level gauges at the 1st floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall.