Posted : Aug 03, 20

Category : Company

Amazing Technology without a Trick! Super light weight spectacle frame with anti-fog shield / YAMAMOTO's new medical product

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by OSAKA SMEs. At the MOBIO Tech Hall, you can discover amazing technologies!

Furthermore, at the recent "Special product exhibition related to airborne infection prevention", MOBIO exhibitors display products developed by their exclusive core technologies, in addition to their standard boo6h display.




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With the corporate policy of "protecting for you" and light control core technologies, YAMAMOTO has developed industrial safety glasses, medical goggles, sports goggles, sunglasses, etc. Many technologies installed by YAMAMOTO into eyecare products have been used by people working in medical and manufacturing sites for nearly 20 years, as well as the latest eyeglass-type face shield.


The YAMAMOTO's new product is a "Lightweight Face Shield Glass, YF-800L", which weighs only 26g. It has good measures against splash infection!

1) "Over eyeglass type" : Users can put them over their own eyeglasses!
2) "Anti-fog processed shield": The shield is hard to fog even for users with face masks!
3) "Flexible eyeglass frame": The frame can be used regardless of face size: Just fits many people from women to men!
4) "One-touch replacement shield": Users can easily replace the shield by lifting the clips on the frame!



Study YAMAMOTO's eyeglass-type face shield and a poreless type goggle at the special exhibition on the 2nd floor of the MOBIO Tech Hall.