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【Meet the President #74】The corporate mission at FU-SE VACUUM FORMING is to spread the environmentally friendly "TOM method" to the world

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Yabuki of FU-SE VACUUM FORMING LTD.

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●3D surface decoration technology that realizes space saving, cost saving, and energy saving


FU-SE VACUUM offers two services; thermoforming processing and molding machine manufacturing. Among them, the TOM method (Three dimensions Overlay Method) is the company's original 3D surface decoration molding technology that can attach a film to any base materials. It uses a completely new vacuum forming method that does not require the conventional vacuum holes.

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The mechanism is a heated and softened film in a vacuum box is attached to the base material. And the upper part of the box is set at an atmospheric pressure state and the lower part is set in a vacuum state, so that compressed air molding can be performed by differential pressure.

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(Presently 3D surface decoration by TOM molding is widely used for bullet train interiors, air conditioner panels, mobile devices, etc.)


By introducing the TOM method, every surface processing of small items to large items and uneven shapes can be done in an instant. Since it does not require craftsmanship or a large-scale painting line, it is quite space saving, cost saving, and energy saving and moreover reduces the environmental load. Depending on the film used, it is possible to add tactile sensations such as softness and moistness, and to add functions such as waterproofness, durability, and transparency.

Yabuki believes "FU-SE has to spread this innovative technology. It is useful to society and contributes to the global environment".


●The world's largest class TOM machine for body roofs and door panels has been completed!


ウルトラワイド fuse_img4_1.jpg

(Applicable film sizes up to 160 cm x 240 cm)


Based on his firm belief, Yabuki started development of ULTRA WIDE TOM machine. He said "Considering what we should do to realize a sustainable world including the global environment, there is an urgent need to make this environmentally friendly TOM method compatible with larger objects."

With this new machine, TOM molding can also be performed on the body roof and door panels. Yabuki said "It is responsibility of the industry to tackle environmental problems. Using the new TOM machine, automobile manufacturers can overlay not only over the interior but also over the exterior. I hope ULTRA WIDE TOM will be widely used in eco-friendly cars, EV cars and in housing construction materials, etc., to help create a comfortable living environment."


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Currently, FU-SE is introducing TOM machines in the United States, Europe, China, etc., mainly to process car interiors as the first step. Knowing business opportunity in the global market, Yabuki plans to improve the FU-SE's operation system to be more effective for customers.


Interviewed on September 8, 2020

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