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【Meet the President #76】KINKI opens up the future with "Possibility Thinking"

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Tanaka of KINKI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.



- Hydraulic cylinder parts (cylinders, cylinder tubes, cylinder rods), Industrial machine parts (pulleys, gears, rack type cutters)


●Make it happen by thinking and evolving without relying on dreams

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KINKI manufactures hydraulic cylinder parts used for chairs in barber shops and dental clinics, as well as mechanical parts for various industries such as environment-related equipment / energy saving machinery, construction machinery and food machinery.

As the CEO Tanaka envisioned the "station square ironworks concept" first. His idea was when a woman goes to stores and notices she is short of money, she can visit KINKI's ironworks in front of the train station and works for only two hours to get wages. It would be interesting if there was! It started from the simple delusion. "Then what do we need to accomplish that?" Tanaka's delusion evolves into a concrete dream.

Whenever Tanaka toured the factory, he told his vision repeatedly to employees. In order to welcome such a fresh person, the operation status of the machine must be confirmed in real time at the reception. The work must be standardized so that the person can work with a simple explanation and a fool-proofing system should be established and a factory must be kept clean to avoid any injury. Then, KINKI gradually changed. "The 4S (Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing) in the factory, standardization of work, accuracy of data collection, etc. have improved steadily," said Tanaka.

Furthermore, in 2000 Tanaka listed four fields to enter in the future: health care, food, environment, and robots, and informed internally. As a result, KINKI receives parts orders for food processing machines, water quality improvement equipment and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). It perfectly embodies Tanaka's plan of drawing, evolving, and transmitting dreams.


Curiosity, "Possibility Thinking", and communication skills turn a difficulty into an opportunity

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L: Five human abilities posted in the company 

R: Remote manufacturing is possible by use of smart glasses


In 2020, the company celebrated its 70th anniversary. At that time, the title of the next long-term plan created was "Try to 80th! Dream of 100th!". Again, Tanaka dreams not only about the 80th anniversary, 10 years from now, but also about the 100th anniversary of the future.

The station square ironworks concept is now being upgraded to "station square ironworks with a central kitchen", and a plan is underway to consolidate the system of the entire company into one place and improve efficiency. In addition, remote manufacturing by use of smart glass function will eventually be implemented to offshore operation. In addition, KINKI's strength is to "design the process" such as the optimum procedure and processing method to respond to the customer's request. "I need to study various processing, so that I can challenge to process materials that I have never done before," he said.

It is KINKI's power to realize it, not just to dream.


Interviewed on December 7, 2020

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