Posted : Feb 07, 21

Category : Company

The limited-time exhibition "Chocolate not for eating"? It's Amazing "Made in Japan" Tech! by OSAKA SEKIZAI

This is the state-of-the-art technology developed by Japanese SMEs.

At the MOBIO Tech Hall and MOBIO WEB site, search for "The Latest Made in Japan Tech" to improve product features and functions.




In February, the topic of this food is spoken by everybody. In the MOBIO tech Hall, Chocolate related exhibition is available for the limited time. But. .. .. Don't bite, but just try to eat?


Chocolates of various colors come from different origins. White is from the United States, black is from South Africa, and milk is from India. OSAKA SEKIZAI made full use of the technique of three-dimensional engraving by changing the material. Yes, it's a stone product.

View detalils by VIDEO.

At the booth of OSAKA SEKIZAI on the 1st. floor of MOBIO Tech Hall, visitors can see an actual 3D engarved products and a stone rugby ball with four colors.