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Meet the President #78: TECHNO ROLL aims to lead global printing business by exclusive resin rollers

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Hatanaka of TECHNO ROLL CO., LTD.


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- Rollers for UV printing, adhesive rollers for removing dust, printing related devices


●Developed a resin roller for UV printing ahead of other companies

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(L) chemical team / (R) New product "TRUST PRO"


The difficulty with resin is the composition of the ingredients. The formulation must match the inks and cleaning agents used by each company. It is also required to comply with laws and regulations, such as not using prohibited substances. TECHNO was able to develop resin rollers for UV printing ahead of other companies thanks to its chemical specilists.

The chemical team repeats experiments and researches changing inks and formulations that meet legal regulations. TECHNO's business policy to respond to customer's request in detail has been highly appreciated by printing companies. And att the end of 2020, TECHNO rolled out a new product "TRUST PRO" to solve the problems of softening deterioration and durability of resin rollers in speeding up printing machines.


●Active new business development


(L) Self-moving rack / (R) Operation system 


TECHNO's electrical department and mechanical department design and market equipment such as "roller cleaning equipment" and "industrial dust removal equipment".
The latest product is an "self-moving rack". Since the racks automatically move sideways at the touch of main controller button, it is easy for warehouse operators to pull out the target pallet on the rack by folklift. Moreover the storage capacity can be significantly increased in the existing space.

"Unlike large-scale automatic racks, it can be designed according to individual spaces. So SMEs will surely be pleased for simple operation and cost saving installation," said Hatanaka.


●Wishing to expand global busines by technoroll products

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(L) Gloabal Network / (R) WEB meeting with offshore customers


Hatanaka said, "TECHNO provides raw materials and technology under license agreements rather than capitalizing. And TECHNO wants to make its products available everywhere in the world". His new target is to conquer the world printing business.


Interviewed on January 27, 2021

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