Posted : Apr 12, 21

Category : Company

Now on "Special Move" Display! Professional sprayer by EIGHT-TEC is one of them

MOBIO Tech Hall started "Specialty Display by Skillful Companies" displaying new items developed by 18 exhibitors. Theme is "Let's be "strong," "beautiful," and "vigorous",even with COVID-19".




One of them is "Fog Jet Eight".

For a space of 25M2, spraying is completed in just one to two minutes! A "Fog Jet Eight" is a two-wheeled cart-type sprayer for professional use and comes with a timer to set the spraying time. It is a product utilizung EIGHT-TEC's core technology of the precision sheet metal workshop to give shape to dreams and ideas.

Visit MOBIO and review a "Fog Jet Eight" sprayer in the Tech Hall.