Posted : Apr 20, 21

Category : Company

Now on "Special Move" Display! An essential product for Work from Home by ACTWORKS CO., LTD.

MOBIO Tech Hall started "Specialty Display by Skillful Companies" displaying new items developed by 18 exhibitors. Theme is "Let's be "strong," "beautiful," and "vigorous",even with COVID-19".

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Simply connecting to the company's network, its small-sized watchdog for the network system detects and denies unauthorized access. 30 users (30 units) can safely and easily connect to "their assigned computers in the company" or "the company's file server" from Home Office. The product, Manage Cube, has been developed by ACTWORKS utilized their proprietary technology and is now an indispensable product for remote work.

Visit MOBIO and review a "Manage Cube" in the Tech Hall.