Posted : Sep 11, 21

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No need to travel 5 hours on Shinkansen! The 1st Cross-over Meeting between Tsubame-Sanjyo and MOBIO companies was held

It takes 5 hours from Tsubame-Sanjo to Osaka via Tokyo by Shinkansen. It was a great opportunity to meet with companies from Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata pref. and MOBIO companies, Osaka pref. on line.




The company introduction started with "Maido (Hello in Osaka dialect)" and led Tsubame-Sanjo companies to comment, "When we talk like this, we think Osaka companies are interesting to contact." As a manufacturing company, they have many issues in common and exchanged opinions such as "I like your point of view" and "I see! You can do that".

They look forward to further connections in person at the trade show, Manufacturing World Osaka, scheduled to be held from October 6 in Osaka.


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