Posted : Dec 02, 21

Category : Event

Umbrella stands, lantern shades... An unknown market awaits for wire rod bending ! MATUSITA talked to MOBIO BACKUPS

MOBIO hosts an internet meetup, Web Cafe Meeting, by MOBIO BACKUPS with a guest exhibitor in Japanese. They are chatting and thinking on "ways for easy-to-understand communication".





MOBIO BACKUPS: (See details of MOBIO BACKUPS from this Link)



MATUSITA mainly manufactures metal hangers and store display fittings by wire processing skills, using 3D bending machines and NC flat bending machines. MATUSITA casually exchanged opinions with the members of MOBIO BACKUPS and noticed, "We can manufacture much more items than what we are fabricating now with 3D wire processing."


Enjoy an executive summary VIDEO.


Click here to view a full version VIDEO to know details.


Visit MOBIO to find out several metal display fitting samples for stores developed by MATUSITA at its booth on the first floor of the Tech Hall.