Posted : Feb 24, 22

Category : Event

Three exhibitors explained technologies at a Feb. 22 cross-industrial meeting and created face-to-face relationships. That's MOBIO Cafe Meeting!

If participants feel free to talk to speakers directly, they will learn a lot about amazing techniques. It is a face-to-face meeting, so the content is very concrete. Various questions are to be answered afterwards. That is MOBIO Cafe Meeting.

Read a flash report of February 22 meeting. Following to self-introduction by participants, three companies explained the techniques at booths.

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OHMI KAKO CO.,LTD. The new exhibitor

Integrated manufacturing from mold to assembly, thin to large injection molded products

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TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD. The number of booths increased to two.

Small lot die casting possible with unit die system, lost wax with low mold cost and beautiful appearance

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Skill development seminars and training for employees at manufacturing SMEs

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MOBIO Cafe Meeting is a place to learn about things and people. New network will be made.