Posted : Mar 01, 22

Category : Event

Video overview of "Integrated manufacturing from mold to assembly, thin to large injection molded products" / MOBIO Cafe Meeting on Feb. 22

MOBIO Cafe Meeting, a cross-industrial meeting held with all possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 infection, including masks, hand disinfection, sufficient ventilation even in cold weather, and presentations without loud voices using speakers with microphones that were disinfected each time.

Here is one of the companies that made a presentation on February 22 at the MOBIO Tech Hall.




OHMI KAKO has the advantage of high quality molding, from large molded products for the commercial air conditioners to thin molded products for the PCs. The company designs and produces molds using 5-axis processing machines by use of material flow analysis. Its strength lies in its integrated manufacturing system, from molds to semi-automated assembly.


Now, let's watch a flash video report. For more information, please visit the company's booths on the second floor in the MOBIO Tech Hall.