Posted : Apr 01, 22

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The new exhibition has started! Displaying products developed from the conception of "what would be nice to have"

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MOBIO exhibiting companies have developed products in order to solve in-house problems and to provide solutions to their customers, and have displayed models in the MOBIO Tech Hall.

Please take a look at their technologies, their attitude to challenges, planning ability and ability to make proposals.


◆◇ Event information ( in the MOBIO Tech Hall ) ◆◇

Period : April 1 through May 27
Admission : Free
Contact Information : 1-4-17, Aramoto Kita, Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, 577-0011 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6748-1011

Notice: Visit MOBIO Tech Hall following the TOUR RULE under COVID-19


-- Participating Companies --

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(Link to the special WEB site in Japanese)

NAKANO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.: Compact in-line equipment for in-house parts cleaning

TECHNO ROLL CO., LTD.: Cost competitive system to increase storage and improve management of own warehouse

FUJI SEIMITSU KOGYO CO., LTD.: Protects motorcycle engines from pebbles rolled up from the front wheel

SAITO LIGHTING CO., LTD.: A portable equipment to capture flying insects in a factory without pesticides

YAMANAKA ENG CO., LTD.: Visualization of tool burden to detect abnormal burden and extend die life

MEIKO MACHINE CO., LTD.: Improve efficiency of fine tuning after machining

YAMADA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.: Management board that shows processes, delivery dates, etc. at a glance to improve productivity

TAIYO PARTS CO., LTD.: Assist suit helping arm raising and reducing the burden on shoulders and arms

SEMI KOGYO CO., LTD.: Resin waste can be reused and converted into environmentally friendly products

KOBORI PRINT CO., LTD.: Full color printing on stainless steel and plastic containers