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Meet the President #86: Become a "bullet train type company" where each craftsman has his own driving force / YAMAZEN MOLD CO.,LTD.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview.

The latest "Meet the President" article is Mr. Yamashita of YAMAZEN MOLD CO.,LTD.


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- Design, production and pilot run of injection molds


●To promote steady transformation and make the company more vibrant

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YAMAZEN designs and manufactures molds for plastic injection molding, and even test molds for prototypes. The mold is designed according to the customer's requirements, parts are machined based on the design, and then assembled by craftsmen with fine-tuning to create high-quality molds.


Assuming the position of president in 2019, Yamashita had strong desire for the company. "I wanted to create an organization in which each employee could think and act independently. The ideal organization would be like a bullet train, where each train is running with its own power, not just the power of the front train." To raise the employees' awareness that the company was their property, Yamashita started to clean the factory every week with employees and launched a 3S activity circle. Frequent meetings were set up in each section daily to increase opportunities for dialogue between supervisors and subordinates. In addition, the company began an initiative to have one person give a speech once a week on a theme of his/her own choosing during meetings.
Communication became more active as a result of the company's efforts to nurture young engineers. Customers have commented that the atmosphere of the company has changed and that it has become more interesting and more energetic than before.


●Clarification of goals and roles will foster a challenging mindset

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YAMAZEN's slogan is "Not a Hero Alone, but a Team of Heroes.
Inspired by this "hero," YAMAZEN has established a team of six employees called the "Yamazen Rangers". Yamashita says, "The skills of veterans are the company's assets. The mission of the Yamazen Rangers is to upgrade them and pass them on to the next generation. I created this team in the hope that they will grow to become key personnel in the company". These are the brainchild of employees on the manufacturing line. It seems that the company is getting closer to its ideal organization, where each employee thinks, acts, and runs.


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( Exhibits prove the technical capabilities of YAMAZEN including MOBIO's original character created from a mold made from an illustration, and a metal calendar with interchangeable parts )

YAMAZEN's theme for 2022 is "From a Town Factory to a Company". It expresses the company's desire to become a strong company that customers can rely on. In order to transform into a strong company and organization, the ability of each and every employee is essential. Yamashita's efforts have already honed the positive attitude and challenging mindset of his employees. YAMAZEN has begun to run with each employee loaded with dynamism. The day when YAMAZEN achieves the goals will soon be around the corner.


Interviewed on April 15, 2022

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