Posted : Feb 21, 23

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VIDEO: Industrial cutting tools for straight cuts at high speeds using "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" / New exhibitor, KAMIYA SAW & KNIFE

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Various industrial cutting tools required for high-speed cutting of materials ranging from wood to plastics, ferro/non-ferrous metals, ceramics, foodstuffs, textiles, fabrics, tyres, rubber, paper, film, etc. KAMIYA applies high-precision processing technologies such as carbide brazing, waist brazing, distortion correction and polishing, which are highly regarded by companies both in Japan and abroad, to the production of cutting tools such as chip saws, metal saws, circular knives and cutters.


P1260554 rv.jpg P1260552 rv.jpg

(Left) Tip saw for metal

(Right) Slitter for plastic

Watch the video for the details.


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