Posted : May 19, 23

Category : Company

Because of its real exhibits, MOBIO Tech Hall is attractive and welcomes many visitors

Visitors will discover "Amazing Made in Japan Tech" developed by SMEs at MOBIO Tech Hall. Member of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry toured and made comments such as, "I guess it's easier to understand when there are actual products and parts on display," and "I didn't realize exhibitors change the content of the exhibits so often."

IMG_6694.JPG IMG_6692.JPG

L) "What's this?" They picked up a colourful shoes at this month's special exhibition section! OKUMA COAT shows skills to coat even soft materials by using "Waren coat". It is a manufacturer specializing in coating metals, nonferrous metals, and resins.


R) Noticing high skills to process fine wires, they were surprised to note dominating market share in Japan of of interdental brushes. The technique is developed by DENTAL PRO, which also manufactures black toothbrushes to make teeth silky smooth even with just water.


MOBIO Tech Hall can also be used for training. Please visit and book in advance for group tour in Japanese.