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Meet the President #97: A group of wire-cut processing professionals who constantly update their equipment and technological capabilities / MARUDAI SEIMITSU CO., LTD.

Find out why and how presidents of MOBIO exhibitors started "INNOVATION and CHALLENGE" through the special interview. The latest "Meet the President" article is


- Wire-cut EDM, small-hole EDM

P1270677rv.JPG 画像7rv.JPG

L) Ohmoto holds a sample product with many letters

R) Different top and bottom shapes are possible with wire-cut electrical discharge machining


●It's like magic! High-precision technology by qualified employees


MARUDAI is known for its wire-cut machining because the precision of the machining is so high. Its "high-precision mating fit" is symbolized by a sample product with the word "MARUDAI" cut out and inlaid into it. Clearance (gap) of only 1/1000th of a millimeter on each side is achieved to ensure that the letters fit perfectly as if they had disappeared. Normally, metal expands and contracts. When the letters are that long, distortion is inevitable. The company's high level of technology can be seen in the fact that the letters are kept uniform without any deviation. (View the video)

"The degree to which metal stretches and shrinks differs between summer and winter. Wire cutting is done in water, and the water temperature varies depending on the season. Also, each machine has its own characteristics. So it is not enough to treat them all the same way," says Ohmoto.

写真6_集合写真 (2).jpg P1270682rv.JPG

L) Technical staff members

R) Sample fabrication: Exact fit of two different metals, different shapes


All of the technical staff members are also certified as first- and second-class electrical discharge machining technicians. They strive to improve their skills within the company, receiving instruction from their seniors and sharing issues and cautions at the morning meeting so that everyone can improve their skills.


●Proactively introducing new machinery and creating a workplace where employees can work with pride


"In order to motivate and inspire our employees, MARUDAI must take every possible action," says Omoto. His focus is to invest in equipment and create a workplace that is easy to work in and provides a stable income.

⑦工場写真_最新鋭の機械.JPG ⑦工場写真_全体 (2).jpg

The company is working to strengthen its competitiveness by introducing distinctive equipment, such as machines with high planarity and sliding function to maintain stable machining accuracy. Additionally, MARUDAI has introduced machines for operating completely unmanned at night, resulting in very little overtime work. The entire company will continue to respond to the trust of customers by working together to give shape to their requests with high quality and precision.


CEO Ohmoto was striving for "Fitting" in both products and corporate culture.


Interviewed on September 28, 2023


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