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Product line

Parts for medical devices, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and nursing care equipment

Parts for communication equipment, office automation equipment and machine chassis

Manufacturing of proprietary products and OEM products


Yuya Mizuno

Description of business

MIZUNO WORKS is a specialist in sheet metal fabrication for medical, pharmaceutical and nursing care equipment that requires precision and aesthetics.
It offers blank processing (cutting and bending), welding and finishing services. Additionally, MIZUNO is capable to operate integrated production from painting, silk screening, plating and assembly with its partner factories.

Products and Technologies

Products with high processing difficulty made by young craftsmen with inherited technology

Providing customers with trust, satisfaction, security and safety!

Welding technology acquired over 50 years in business


*Extensive experience in fabricating difficult products that require high precision, quality and aesthetics.

*Products that do not cause injury even when touched by people from the end user's perspective.

*Integrated production system from structural design to sheet metal, surface treatment and assembly enables high quality, quick response and stable supply.

*Proposing optimal VA/VE from a flexible perspective. And providing high value-added products.

Examples of injury prevention, aesthetics, R-bending, and precision machining

●Manufacturing with high processing difficulty

*Blending quality and aesthetics,our products are manufactured using cutting-edge processing equipment and the technology and expertise we have acquired while tackling challenging processing tasks.

*We are committed to manufacture medical, pharmaceutical and nursing care equipment with intricate and delicate structures, ensuring their safety and reliability from the user's standpoint.

Job policy is to incorporate softness into metal

Products packed with the most advanced technologies

Designed to prevent injury when opening the package, from the box to the packaging specifications

●Reliable Technology, Safe Quality, and Stable Supply Capability

*From thin to thick plates...materials include iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. Plate thicknesses range from 0.1 to 6.0 mm. Maximum plate size to cut is 2500 x 1270 mm.

*Integrated production system to ensure QCD...from structural design, sheet metal stamping, welding, surface treatment such as painting and plating, cutting, resin, nameplate, assembly, etc.

Utilizing technical expertise in machinery and equipment

●Continuous exploration and technical transfer

*Full support for manufacturing staff to obtain sheet metal skill tests, welding licenses, and other qualifications, ensuring quality and aesthetics.

*Promoting the improvement and transference of technical skills to young manufacturing staff.

*Ability to make appropriate proposals from the customer's perspective through a close network system with partner companies.

Proposal from structural design

Providing satisfaction through flexible creativity and expertise

Rigid quality control and production management

●Manufacturing products to make users smile

*Propose and recommend utilizing a weld-free technique through a unique bending process, made feasible due to our origins as a welding shop.

*Reduction of defects and proper delivery management...We are fully prepared with a variety of inspection and measurement equipment and our own quality control and production control systems.

*We can help you with sheet metal prototypes, original product development and production, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Original product "COLLECT" (small cabinet)

●Developing original and OEM products that make people smile

*COLLECT...Products made by bending a single piece of stainless steel plate, a small cabinet for storage organization and a small cabinet for washroom accessories.

*Amaryllis...A key holder that can be enjoyed by looking, touching and listening, developed by an industry-academia collaboration between our company and Osaka University of Arts.

*Rocket stove...OEM camping equipment

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
6-3-69, Naka Ishikiri, Higashi Osaka city, 579-8014, Japan
Yuya Mizuno
Founded / Established
1972 / 1990
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