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Product line

Composite Board of Recycled Carbon Fiber

Ultra-strong elastic double-coated adhesive tape

Molding adhesive


Munehisa Gotou

Description of business

WAKITA has been researching, developing and manufacturing adhesives, binding agents and modifiers, making possible what is thought to be "impossible". It has developed a new technology to bond strong and lightweight carbon fibers easily by an original easy bonding method.
Special adhesion technology also enables bonding and coating of difficult-to-adhere materials (PP resin, glass, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.).

Products and Technologies

Recycled Carbon Fiber Board

Possible to laminate with different materials and to perform molding process! Moreover, strong and lightweight carbon fiber reinforcement is realized "at low cost"!

Laminated press product manufactured by injecting a proprietary strong adhesive into the gap between 5 sheets of non-woven carbon fibers

*Strongly bonded fibers
Carbon fiber non-woven fabric sheets are bonded tightly together with adhesives to produce boards. In addition, the fibers are tightly adhered to each other, making it difficult for cracking and rupture to occur.

*Lighter than steel and less expensive than virgin CFRP
Can be bonded with different materials and hardness can be secured according to the application.

*For Weight Reduction and Cost Reduction
By bonding and reinforcing carbon fiber sheets to the surface of aluminum plates and pipes, aluminum can be further reduced in weight by 20 to 50%. Similarly, resins such as foamed PP and PVC can be reinforced with carbon fiber sheets.
It helps reduce the weight of wheelchairs, nursing care beds, and various other medical care equipment.

*Board thickness
Based on 2 mm, molding is also available.

Left: Reason for strong adhesion
Right: Example of use illustration (Stairlift)

Ultra-strong, double-sided, stretch (adhesive) tape

Too powerful to work with, use silicone gloves!

Ultra high-strength double-coated stretch tape

*Adhesive strength
Ultra-strong adhesive strength.

*Possible to adhere to difficult-to-bond substrates
Strong adhesion to resins (including nylon and polypropylene) and metals (aluminum and copper) to which adhesives and adhesive tapes are considered difficult to adhere.

*500% expansion rate
Because it has excellent elasticity and tracks the material to be used,the tape can be used as a substitute for sewing knit fabrics and for bonding rubber materials.

Adhesive strength at 180°peeling (in-house comparison test)

Molding Adhesives

Cost reduction by simultaneous molding

Example of molding adhesive use

*Easy Adhesion
Easily bond materials that are generally considered "difficult to bond" to each other.

*Improving productivity in factories
The ability to insert-mold resin and resin as well as resin and metal such as connectors at the same time improves productivity.

*How to use
Adhesive is applied to metal and glass for injection molding, extrusion molding, and press molding.

The process can be greatly simplified from the conventional machining process (screw and rivet fastening), leading to weight reduction and cost reduction.

Corporate Profile

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(Development Div.) 7-2-11, Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe city, 650-0047, Japan
Munehisa Gotou
Founded / Established
1964 / 1988
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