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LED traffic warning display

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Hitoshi Kitamura

Description of business

Kitamura Industry develops numerous LED devices, road safety products, electronic/electrical devices and other related products under its motto, “Preventing accidents in all fields, striving every day to be a company making a difference in the lives of employees, in society, and around the world.

Products and Technologies

LED Display Signs, LED Triangles

Developing LED Safety Devices to Promote Safety Worldwide

LED Display Signs

Long a pioneer in the development of safety and security products using light-emitting diodes or LEDs, Kitamura Industry has recently developed a new display product that incorporates a motion sensor.

The motion sensor detects when a customer is standing in front of the display, which then activates the pop-up function.

Messages that can be displayed include numbers, letters (including Japanese hiragana and katakana), logos and frame-by-frame cartoons, created on a computer.
The display can be in three colors (red, green and orange) with a total of 12 characters consisting of two lines of six characters.

When a person stands in front of the display, it is detected by the motion sensor that prompts the display to pop up and show its message, which automatically turns off after two minutes.
If no person stands in front of the display in the next two minutes, the screen automatically retracts again.

LED Safety Devices Ensuring Safety

Kitamura Industry handles all aspects of designing, manufacturing, assembling, evaluating and maintaining electric text displays that use LEDs.

Kitamura Industry uses 8-bit general-purpose CPUs supplied by Japanese manufacturers to design innovative circuits, developing control units for various text displays and signal devices.
They are also able to manufacture user-friendly and highly reliable construction and roadwork safety electric devices at the lowest possible price in their plants in China and South Korea through cost-efficient practices and volume production.

To ensure high quality of their finished products, they are fully equipped with vibration tester and other testing equipment, enabling the simulation of phenomena that occur in the field so that they can detect and solve problems during the development phase.
A quality assurance lab established separately from the production lines is always on the lookout for ways to prevent failures from occurring after shipment.

ISO 9001-certified in August 2000, Kitamura Industry puts customer satisfaction first, always encouraging customer involvement in their product-development process.

Curved Mirror with Built-in LED

Because conventional curved mirrors placed on the road for safety require drivers and pedestrians to actively check the mirrors for oncoming vehicles and other traffic, a loss of attention due to driver fatigue and other causes often leads to accidents.

To address this problem, Kitamura Industry came up with the idea of having an LED display built inside the curved mirror to allow text appear to float in the mirror.
This was developed into a product, which quickly grabs the attention of drivers to prevent accidents.

This product is a special magic mirror, inside of which is an LED device that illuminates when the motion sensor detects an approaching moving object.
It is expected to be especially effective at blind corners where trucks and other vehicles come and go in parking structures and construction sites.

What’s more, because the LED uses stored electricity from a solar battery, there is no need to secure a power source.

Kitamura Industry is developing products to prevent shoplifting and illegal dumping by considering equipping a smaller mirror not only with built-in LED text but also a surveillance camera.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
4-16-37 Kano, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, 578-0901, Japan
Hitoshi Kitamura
Founded / Established
1972 / 1975
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20,560,000 yen

ISO9001, ISO14001